Alexia Werrie Art gallery
ALEXIA WERRIE is an art dealer with focus on contemporary art.
She showcases her selection of unique and limited edition art pieces. Inside her house: both a living space and an exhibition space, an office to meet clients and a showcase of her selection of works of art. 
Her approach to art is authentic mixing cultures, materials with a special focus on unique pieces.
She carefully selects artworks from international artists with a particular attention to its story and uniqueness.
Specialised in Islamic art, Alexia Werrie loves to share her new art discoveries from the Middle East next to Occidental artists she represents.
She creates spaces that convey a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, where modern pieces are contrasted against furniture and exquisite curiosities of her travels and encountering.
Passionate about art, she worked for more than a decade in the art sector including in auctions houses (Christie's, Cornette de Saint Cyr, Horta); as a curator or in artist Residencies.
Today, she works as an art consultant and realizes private and corporate projects giving a unique and eclectic art touch to the interiors. Her corporate clients include BMW, Sotheby’s Real Estate, RR Interior, PH Collection, Steigenberger Group, AG Real Estate, Atenor Group, Belgian Royal museum for art, Berlin Biennale. 
Alexia Werrie graduated from a Master in Economy (ICHEC, Brussels) and a Master in Art History (IESA, Paris). She specialized in paintings and graphic arts and made a thesis on «The impact of internet on the art market». She pursued her education with a specialization in curatorial studies in Berlin and an Islamic art graduation at the Oxford University. She is member of the Réseau Entreprendre Brussels since july 2013.
“ I love rooms with atmosphere”.
She loves to travel and discover new artists, works, people and cultures. Presenting her new discoveries has always been a pleasure she wants to share with others.