1. What is Spot U Art ?

Spot U Art is an online contemporary art gallery promoting art paintings and photographs by top emerging and established artists based in Europe. Spot U Art sells only original & signed contemporary paintings and photographs. Trough a pre-selection process of each artist, Spot U Art offers you a high quality range of art paintings and photographs by today’s most promising artists living in Europe.

2. How to contact Spot U Art ?

You will find all our contact information by clicking on the left-side button “Contact” on the homepage down.

3. Where is Spot U Art based?

Spot U Art is based in Brussels, Belgium.

4. What does Spot U Art sell?

Spot U Art sells contemporary art paintings and photographs by emerging and established artists based in Europe.

5. Are the artworks on Spot U Art original ?

Yes. Spot U Art sells only orginal (no prints or copies) and signed artworks.

6. How to start using Spot U Art ?

As a purchaser, start to browse the artworks by category, style or price, or search directly an artist you may know. Once you found the work(s) you liked to purchase, click on the button “Purchase”. You can then proceed to the Checkout and fill your Personal Information (including name, home and/or business address, telephone, email address or other similar information) and proceed to the payment of the work(s). As an artist, click on the bottom down button “Artist Application”and start to send us (for free) your portfolio with a minimum of five (5) works. For more information, see the section “Upload of the artworks”. If you have questions about the Personal Information Security, please check our Privacy Policy terms (http://www.spotuart.com/pages/privacy-policy).


1. How to purchase an artwork?

You can buy an artwork by clicking on the button “Purchase” and then on the button “Checkout”. You will then have to enter your Personal Information with your billing and shipping address. Select a payment method and enter your credit card information. Click then on “Complete my purchase”. Once your payment is proceeded, you will receive a confirmation email with an order number and all your order information.

2. How does Spot U Art select the artworks?

As art professionals, Spot U Art takes the time to select carefully each of the artworks it sells to ensure you the top quality of today’s emerging and established contemporary artists in Europe. Spot U Art meets personally each artist in his studio and selects together with him the artworks.

3. How to look at the details of the artwork?

Look at the details of the artwork by clicking on the picture of the work or on the enlarge button under the image of the work. 

4. Can I see the artwork before buying it?

No, but we have the “14 days at home trial” (see next point). Because artists and buyers are not located in the same countries or cities, it is not possible to see the artworks before you buy them. For artists and collectors living in Belgium, you can contact us on info@spotuart.com and we will see if it is possible to organize a preview of the artwork before you buy it.

5. What is the 14 days at home trial?

We understand that you would like to see the artwork before buying it. This is why we offer you the possibility, for paintings bought (not photographs), to return it within 14 days starting at the delivery date, if you are not convinced.  Spot U Art will refund you the total amount of the artwork (except the delivery costs) within 30 days after the delivery at the artist place.

6. Can I ask for an artwork to be framed when I buy it?

Certain works are automatically sold with a frame. If so, it will be indicated in the information regarding the work. If you have any requests or questions, contact us on info@spotuart.com If you want an artwork, sold without frame, to be framed, please contact us at  info@spotuart.com and indicate all the references of the artwork you wish to purchase with a frame. We will see if it is possible to let it frame. Please note, once the work is framed, you will not be able to refund it when purchased and delivered. Be aware also, that all artworks do not fit for a frame.

7. What type of payment do you accept?

Spot U Art accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, Discover and PayPal. The purchaser guarantees that he has the legal authorization to use the chosen method of payment. You will be charged directly at the checkout of your order. All payments are made online trough a secured system and ensure you the complete confidentiality of the information given.

8. Can I cancel an order?

If you make a mistake during the purchase process of your order, please contact immediately Spot U Art on info@spotuart.com. In most cases, your order is organized immediately for shipment and cannot be cancelled, but we will try what we can.

9. Can I Return an artwork?

Yes but only the paintings bought on the website, not the photographs. You can return a painting within the 14 days of your delivery date.  Keep the original packaging, one damaging it. Contact Spot U Art within the 72 hours of the delivery date to notice your will to return the artwork. Spot U Art will organize the return and send you an electronic shipping bill by e-mail with the shipping address of the artist. Artworks must be returned in their original conditions and packaging. You have to pack the artwork in the same conditions as you received it (if not, you are responsible for the damages to the artwork during the delivery and Spot U Art will not refund you the amount of the artwork). Affix the new electronic shipping bill, we send you, on the packaging. Our shipping partner will arrange a pick up at your address. Other shipping ways companies or ways are not accepted. Once the artwork has safely been delivered back, Spot U Art will refund you the amount of the artwork (less the total shipping costs). For the photographs, refunds are not possible due to their unique, fragile characteristic and the fact they have been especially printed for the purchaser.

10. How are artworks delivered?

The artworks are directly send by the artist to the client trough our shipping partner (UPS) or one of our other specialized shipping partner. Orders purchased on the website are processed once the payment is accepted and the order confirmation send to both the purchaser and the artist. The purchaser has to count in between 14 to 21 working days, starting on the day the payment has been accepted or the order confirmation email send, for the delivery of his order. For non-EU deliveries (except NY and , please send us an email at info@spotuart.com to organize the shipping. 

11. Where do you deliver?

Spot U Art organizes international deliveries with its shipping partner UPS or one of our other specialized shipping partner. Our countries of delivery are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.  For orders outside Europe, please contact us on info@spotuart.com. Deliveries outside Europe are subject to duties and Spot U Art is unable to calculate them in advance. Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser and are due once the artwork arrives at the purchaser's address.  Please note that wrong addresses are the responsibility of the purchaser and can result in extra costs. 

12. How are the delivery costs calculated?

Shipping costs depend on the origin and destination address of the artwork, its weight and dimensions. Spot U Art calculates the shipping costs on the discount rates given by its shipping partners. Spot U Art looks constantly for the best shipping rates for you. Import duties and taxes are not included in the shipping costs and are at charge of the purchaser.

13. What are the delivery times?

Depending on the origin and destination address, the delivery time is approximately estimated within 14 to 21 working days. The delivery time may be a little bit faster or have a few days delays due to external conditions. If you need an express delivery, please contact us at info@spotuart.com. Spot U Art is not responsible for any delays regarding the shipping of the artworks. If the shipping time of your artwork is delayed, Spot U Art will send you a notification email with a new delivery time estimation.

14. What happens if the artwork delivered is damaged?

If the artwork you ordered arrives damaged, do NOT sign the receipt of our Shipping partner. Contact us within the 24 hours by email (info@spotuart.com) with your order number, order information and a picture of the damaged artwork. Keep all the packaging, box and other material. Do not try to fix up the artwork. We will proceed to a claim. Spot U Art will reply you within the 24 hours. If you already signed the receipt, contact us within the 24 hours by email (info@spotuart.com) with your order number, order information and a picture of the damaged artwork. We will make our best to help you to proceed to a claim.


1. How to sell on Spot U Art?

If you want to sell artworks on Spot U Art, you have to fill up the artist form on http://www.spotuart.com/pages/artist-application. We will ask your Personal Information (including name, nationality, personal address and/or Studio address, and other similar information). You will then have to send us pictures of a minimum of five (5) works of your OWN creation. Please send us images of at least 1200 pixels by 1500 pixels. Your images must not exceed 10mb.  The pictures you send must NOT contain any reflections or shadows, and be NOT too dark or bright. Once the pictures of your works send to Spot U Art, it will take within 5 to 7 working days to respond you and let you know of any possible collaboration. 

2. How much does it costs to upload artworks on Spot U Art?

It is free. Spot U Art does not ask for any entrance or portfolio fee.

3. What can I Sell on Spot U Art?

Spot U Art only accepts original contemporary art paintings and photographs. Only works of your proper creation + signed by you are accepted. You can only sell works if you are an artist based in Europe.

4. Can artists based outside Europe apply?

Spot U Art focuses especially on artists based in Europe. But, we are always interested in discovering your works for our annual events. Please feel free to apply on www.spotuart.com/artist-application if you are an artist based outside Europe.

5. Why does Spot U Art have a pre-screening selection process for artists?

Spot U Art makes a pre-screening selection process in order to ensure high quality both for collectors and artists on its website.

6. How many works can I sell on Spot U Art?

The works presented on Spot U Art are jointly chosen together with the artist. We ask generally for a minimum of 3 to 5 works per artist. If you are not yet one of our artist, then you need to send us all your personal information as well (see point 1).

7. Does Spot U Art have an exclusivity period for my works?

Yes. By uploading and selling original works on the website, you agree that Spot U Art has the exclusivity to sell your works, we selected, for a period of six (6) months. After these 6 months, you have the possibility to continue your collaboration with Spot U Art for a new period of 6 months (renewable) or to remove your work(s) from the website. If you don’t send a remove order notification for each of your work(s), one month before the end of the exclusivity period, it will be automatically continued for a period of 6 months. If you wish to remove your works from the website, after the exclusivity period, you must send a registered letter, one (1) month before the end date of the exclusivity period, to Spot U Art (Rue de Tervaete 1, boite 7 – 1040 Brussels). During the exclusivity period, you do not have the right to sell your work(s) to a third party outside the website. 

8. Can I sell my works without Spot U Art during the exclusivity period?

No. During the exclusivity period you are not allowed to sell your work(s) in another way than trough the website. Spot U Art wants to avoid that your works are already sold when a collector purchase it on the website. But we encourage you to show your works as much as possible.

9. What fee does Spot U Art take?

Spot U Art only takes a fee when the artwork is sold. Our fee varies between 30% and 40% of the total amount of the artwork.

10. When do I get paid by Spot U Art?

Spot U Art will pay you, the amount of the work minus the commission owed by Spot U Art, in the 30 days after the payment of the work by the purchaser and once it has been successfully delivered.

11. When do I know when my work is sold?

Once your work is purchased on the website by a collector, Spot U Art will automatically send you a confirmation email with the order information.

12. How do I send the artwork to the collector?

Spot U Art will send you a shipping bill, with the shipping address information of the purchaser, by email. You will have to pack carefully (see the packaging section on http://www.spotuart.com/pages/packaging) the work, affix the shipping bill on the packaging and  one of our shipping partner (UPS) will pick up the work at your place in a period of 5 to 7 working days after the purchase of the work on our website (see below delivery section). Please be aware that if you do not pack and send the artwork to the purchaser within this shipping period, Spot U Art will have the right to cancel the sale (see http://www.spotuart.com/pages/terms-conditions).

13. How do I pack carefully my work for international shipment?

See the packaging section http://www.spotuart.com/pages/packaging

14. Where do you ship my works?

We ship worldwide trough our shipping partners (UPS or other specialized shipping partner).

15. Can a purchaser refund an artwork after he bought it?

Yes but only the paintings sold on the website, not the photographs. He will have 14 days (after the delivery) to return the artwork to the artist. Spot U Art will organize the return of the artwork trough its shipping partner (UPS or other specialized shipping partner).

16. What happens if the client returns a painting after the 14 days trial?

Spot U Art will send you a notification email and will organize the refund of your work to your address.

17. What happens if my work is damaged during the shipping?

The works are fully insured during the shipping by our shipping partners (UPS or other specialized shipping partner). But you are responsible for packing carefully the artwork before shipping it. In case of damages, we file a claim with our shipping partners.

18. Does Spot U Art has a printing service for Photographers?

No, Spot U Art does not have a high resolution printing service