Delivrance V 2,3,4 Zeinabou Hamidou Diori



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Contemporary art Painting by Zeinabou Hamidou Diori.

DELIVRANCES represents the complex universe of the artist Zeïnabou Hamidou Diori. A revealing shadow, a laughing cloud with the sun, murmuring water, birds dancing in the sky, the wind singing with the trees, a sounding siren swimming, the low sound of a motor caressing the macadam, a music and love. This is what drives her to explore her world. 

Exiled nine years ago from her homeland, Niger, it is in Belgium that Zeïnabou Hamidou Diori drops her bags in April 2009. She sings her story, tells her roots, dances her Africa, through her painting during the creative process in which she takes possession of the beauty of her creative world, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The artist also affixes her impressions of different cultures that inspire her such as Japanese calligraphy or animist religion. In her canvases, all her lives that intertwine, overlap, circumvent themselves, discover themselves with strength and gentleness at the same time, get rid of the unconsciousness of the conscience trapped by the illusion of our own existence. 

Delivrances is in the image of "unicellularity" towards "multicellularity", the evolution of Zeïnabou Hamidou Dioriwork mixed with her personal evolution, such as the evolution of life. In search of herself, the artist initiates a dialogue between the visible and the invisible, the finite and the infinite, while passing through a palette of emotions with different rhythms, creating the layers of the worlds through forms and colours. Zeïnabou works flat, where the sense of rhythm prevails over everything, dancing, spinning, around the canvas placed on the ground. Her painting begins under a state of trance and drunkenness while remaining under control and under tension. Zeinabou Hamidou Diori also collaborated with Brussels designer Jean-Paul Knott, adorning his clothing lines with unique designs. 

Zeïnabou Hamidou Diori was born in Niger. Lives and works in Brussels.