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Evans Mbugua is a visual artist and a designer.

Evans Mbugua was born in Nairobi. He lives in Paris, both modern and cosmopolitan cities that are characterized by the cultural mix of divers populations.

No matter which creative toolEvans Mbugua choose to express himself, man is at the heart of his artistic approach. Each one of us has his own story to tell. Evans Mbugua portray his life, that of his friends and strangers. In this way, diversity nourishes his curiosity of the world. He takes a look at our identities and their hidden facets. Evans Mbugua favours portraits to celebrate his characters. He uses glass and perspex to beautify his subjects by shine and reflections, while underlining human frailty. In his work, pictograms represent our urban environment which shapes, rhythms our life and which, in turn, becomes his playground.

Evans Mbugua (b. 1979, Nairobi)