Gatien des Bois Charlotte Vindevoghel



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Acrylic on painting by Charlotte Vindevoghel.

With a passion for color, Charlotte Vindevoghel likes to build and deconstruct and transcend the color. The artist accumulates the light, the cloudiness, giving to the painting the essential: mystery and dream.

Charlotte Vindevoghel loves warm colors. Red and brown cadences with rare white tremors. Red, the color of life. The finesse of the colors, applied layer by layer, develop mysterious depths within her paintings. By a superposition of veils and transparency, Charlotte Vindevoghel combines the red color into infinite intense and luminous variations. Memories of travels, her painting is structured in thought and gesture, in instinct and expression. And a constant search for an inseparable energy of the whole.  

Charlotte Vindevoghel was born in Belgium in 1953. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland. She graduated from the National School of Architecture and Visual Arts of La Cambre in 1977 and painting teacher since 1984.