Samburu Morane, Kenya, 2013

Benoît FERON

  • Tribal photography taken in 2010 by belgian photographer Benoît Féron.

    Benoît's photographic work concentrates on primitive tribes (including close-ups on human skin, traditional body paintings, scarifications, jewels, clothes or glances and portraits), wildlife and abstract nature (where he likes to catch the abstraction of the earth, the flora, the stones, the ice, the water, in far remote landscapes or through close-ups or macrophotography). 

  • Aluminium 

    • Very elegant and modern finish. 
    • Absence of glass frame which avoid any light or window reflect
    • Anti-reflection film which protects it from deterioration from humidity and UV rays.  
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.


    • Beauty of a top-class picture with the unmatchable quality of aluminium.
    • Phenomenal sharpness, depth, lustre and colour.

    Diasec and Plexiglas

    • Extraordinary depth as well as a color accentuation.
    • Brilliant colors
    •  High gloss finish
    • Resistant to UV light
    • Appearance of floating away from the wall.
    • Ships in 10 to 14 business days from Brussels
    • Contact us at or +32 2 733 55 28

Limited Edition of: 8 per format


About Benoît FERON

Benoît Feron is a belgian photographer. The meeting between Benoît Feron and photography started at the age of 6 when his grandfather offered him his first camera. First a simple childhood pleasure, nourished by curiosity and the desire to have fun, the picture has become, over time, an expression of passion, observation and fascination. A passion nourished by his love for travel and the eagerness to discover our planet and the wonders that it still abounds, with, so far, a significant attraction for Africa, its unparalleled light, its infinite nature and wildlife but also and above all the diversity and the extreme beauty of its peoples. Benoît Feron originally focused on the primitive tribes of the Rift Valley and the human skin through the ritual of body painting, scarification or jewelry. A serie of subjects the artist immortalized with great authenticity and emotion. He was then attracted by the endless beauty of the landscapes of the Rift Valley, the Serengeti or the Ngorongoro. Inspired by the same approach, Benoît Feron has tried to capture the calm, details and abstractions of the infinite geological landscapes. What makes his work unique and distinguishes him from other photographers is the fact that his work mainly focuses on details creating abstract panoramas of skins, jewels, landscapes or portraits. Benoît Feron deeply cares about the future of the people, places and wildlife he has photographed, and he speaks about them with passion. He is the author of several books including «Surma faces and Bodies», «Visages de Goma» and «Visages d’avocats». Benoît Feron has been widely exhibited in Belgium and France and has held in 2014 a major exhibition in Brussels, «Portraits of the Rift», which was acclaimed by the press. In 2007 he won the best photography award delivered at the occasion of the exhibition l’Art pour l’Accueil held at the Xavier Hufkens gallery. In 2014, a jury chaired by Belgium Sotheby’s director granted the artist the photography prize in another collective exhibition in Brussels. Followed in 2015 by the award for the Fournier Majorie Foundation event organized at Bozar. Benoît Feron supports many humanitarian projects hoping that photography can help changing the world. With his photographic work he has collaborated to several charities including En Avant les Enfants (active in Goma, Congo), Fondation Fournier Majorie, Foetus for life or the Association Tchenduka, for which he contributed several pictures for a collective book supporting the Kogi Indians, together with other photographers including Yann Arthus Bertrand and Reza. Born in 1962. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

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