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Welcome to the Alexia Werrie Gallery, where art transcends traditional boundaries and takes residence in the heart of a house. Nestled within the warm embrace of a home, Art Consultant Alexia Werrie invites you to embark on a unique journey of discovery, where contemporary art finds its perfect setting.

About Alexia Werrie Gallery:

Alexia Werrie Gallery is a testament to her passion for art and her commitment to creating an intimate and welcoming space for art collectors and art enthusiasts alike.
Located within the walls of a private house in Tervuren (BE), Alexia Werrie gallery serves as a sanctuary for contemporary art, a place where creativity and imagination flourish.

Her Mission:
Alexia Werrie's mission is to bridge the gap between art and everyday life. She believes that art should be a part of our daily experiences.
By showcasing contemporary art in a house, Alexia aims to create an environment where art becomes an integral and accessible part of your lifestyle.

Why Choose the Gallery:
Unique Atmosphere: Unlike traditional galleries, Alexia Werrie setting provides a warm and inviting ambiance, making art exploration a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Diverse Artworks: The gallery features a diverse range of contemporary artworks, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, outdoor sculptures and vintage furniture.

Art with a Story: Each artwork selected by Alexia Werrie has a unique narrative, inviting you to delve into the artist's world and connect with the emotions and ideas behind the creations.

Personalized Engagement: Alexia Werrie offers a dedicated personal Home Consulting service as well as a fully wall to wall service and advice. Come and explore the world of contemporary art, where creativity knows no boundaries and imagination knows no limits.

Alexia Werrie believes that art is more than just decoration; it's a way of life. Join her on this extraordinary journey where art finds its true home, and let the walls of Alexia Werrie Gallery I Art in a House resonate with the beauty and energy of contemporary creations. Be a part of this artistic exploration and witness the transformational power of art in a house.

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Alexia Werrie Belgian Art Gallerist and Art Consultant in her Gallery House in Tervuren

“I like interiors with an atmoshpere.”

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